Halfway to Halloween!

Join us this Saturday, June 8 from 12-5 p.m. for our first ever Halfway to Halloween Show! Meet horror author Walt Esselman, candle maker Wicked Wicks, artists Kate Bashaw and Unearthly Concoctions, and a spooky barista from Sweet Brew in Northville!

Book by Walt Esselman
Candles by Wicked Wicks
Print by Kate Bashaw
Ashtrays by Unearthly Concoctions

And don’t forget that grad in your life while you enjoy the show!

Celebrate Labor Day!

Historical meaning: declared a federal holiday in the late 19th century to celebrate the achievements of American workers.

In more modern times, Labor Day is considered, unofficially, to be the NFL season kickoff.

Focusing on Detroit, the Dancing Eye Gallery salutes both our Motor City and our Detroit Lions this Labor Day – Monday, September 4!