Pop-Up Shop and Skeletons on Friday

As downtown Northville comes alive with skeletons on Friday, 10/6, the Dancing Eye Gallery is hosting a spooky pop-up shop featuring Kill Taupe artist Jason Driscoll. Immerse yourself in Jason’s artwork at the gallery (photo op!) and see some new art from Kill Taupe, Gingerly Made and Bongo Laserworks.

Don’t forget to stop and take a photo with Bob Ross, our resident skeleton!

Rebel Nell Event

This is an event not to miss! Not only will you see beautiful one-of-kind Rebel Nell pieces made by repurposing fallen graffiti, but Fordite will also be included. This woman-owned company with roots in Detroit is “dedicated to uplifting women and providing underserved women a route to self-sufficiency and equitable opportunity.” (Rebel Nell website)

The Dancing Eye Gallery carries a selection of Rebel Nell consistently, but this Friday the store will showcase many more collections and styles, perfect for a Valentine or Galentine gift for yourself or someone special!

Two Art Events This Weekend at the Dancing Eye Gallery

We will be hosting a pop-up event featuring artist Blight and his Be the Light brand artwork. The event will be this Friday, October 21, from 6-8 p.m. just outside our store near the greenhouse. Here is a small sampling of his art found in our gallery:


Also Friday night, from 6-8, Hollovale Studios will be doing live Halloween painting demonstrations.

So, join us for a very artful Friday evening! The skeletons are looking forward to seeing you downtown!

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