Celebrating MLK Day

Wall tag – $20
Word ornament – $15
Heart ornament – $13
Dish – $16
Word magnet – $15
Tiny dishes – $14
Magnet – $5
Mini tiles – $3 each
Greeting card – $3.85
Star ornaments – $12 each

We pulled together some reminders of what Martin Luther King Jr. stood for and a quote: “Only is the darkness can you see the stars.” Keep on dreaming, believing and loving each other!

It’s All Black and White This Week

Don’t worry, we have plenty of color at the Dancing Eye Gallery. Gray might be waning for 2020, but black and white and color is IN! Make a statement, be bold!

Leaping Into a New Decade!

Greeting card – $5.25: Martini ornaments – $10 each
Number tiles – $31
Great Beer State T – $30
College coasters – $12
Tray – $40
Assorted stickers – $4-$6
Ceramic gnomes – $22 each
Assorted iconic nightlights – $30 each
Mugs – $30
Earrings and ring – $70 each

The Dancing Eye Gallery is excited to welcome in a new year and a new decade! Fittingly, we are featuring 10 (decade) items that we love and think you will, too!

We appreciate and thank all of our current customers and artists and look forward to meeting new in 2020! The future is exhilarating! Happy New Year to all!

Deck the Halls (And Yourself!)

Everyone needs a little bling or fun Christmas/holiday accessory or perfect gift this season, so visit the Dancing Eye Gallery for more choices than you can imagine!

Red Cardinals for Christmas

Cardinal-themed art make great gifts! Seeing that vibrant red bird against the snow or perched on a bare branch is especially dramatic in winter here in Michigan. Looking for a gift for a cardinal fan? We can help.

Gifts That Say Detroit

Mugs shown – $22 Coasters shown – $12

Do you know someone who loves Detroit or misses the “D”? Our assortment of Detroit-themed mugs and coasters make great gifts!

Need it now? We can ship it! Please contact theresa@dancingeye.com or call the store at: 248-449-7086. We are open every day!