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Are You Seeing Red?

Terrapin sgraffito 6x6 tile
Terrapin sgraffito 6×6 tile
Cranberry South Haven wristlet by designer Jenna Kator-- a new line for us!
Cranberry “South Haven” vegan leather wristlet by designer Jenna Kator– a new line for us
Little Minnow infinity scarf. Gray flowers on ruby.
Little Minnow infinity scarf — gray flowers on ruby
Terrapin dish in sgraffito method
Terrapin dish in the sgraffito method
Pretty dreamcatcher by Xerri -- a new artist
Pretty dreamcatcher by Xerri — a new artist
Motawi Winter Cardinals 8x5.5 tile
Motawi Winter Cardinals 8×5.5 tile

We are … and green and blue and silver and gold!! Come in and shop and be festive with us!